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DRPG says 30% of event bookings are live from autumn

Full-service creative agency DRPG has said it is seeing a “good mix” of event bookings in 2021, with 30% of these being for live in-person events from September.

The Worcestershire-based agency also reported all of its bookings until June are for online events, with 30% of bookings from June onwards being hybrid.

Forty percent of all bookings for the remainder of the year will remain online only.

Talking to Conference News, DRPG’s director of events, Matt Franks, said clients were being “brave” in how they are choosing to communicate with their audiences in 2021.

“We are receiving quite a lot of enquiries and bookings for events in 2021, and there is a good mix of enquiries for new types of projects,” said Franks. “People are being innovative and somewhat brave in how they communicate. There is a need to stand out and cut through the monotony with creative led communications.”

Franks said the breakdown revealed 100% are digital enquiries until June. He added: “Then I would say 30% live from September onwards, 30% hybrid from June onwards, and 40% fully virtual solutions throughout the rest of the year.”

Power of live experiences

Franks said that going forward the agency was looking forward to “re-defining live experiences” after having learned so much during the enforced lockdown period during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“All these great things we have learnt from delivering virtual [online] solutions, and uniting them with the power of live experiences to engage audiences, is something we are looking forward to,” said Franks.

“There is a desire to bring back in-person experiences. I’m excited about how this will challenge us to think and behave and the new technologies and rules of engagement that it will bring.” 

Franks added that another positive will be highlighting how health and safety procedures will support in making everyone feel safe when returning to live experiences. He also said that personalisation will be a key factor for all events. 

Agencies Top Banana and Strata Creative Communications have also reported increase in live bookings for the second half of 2021.