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Strata says 40% of bookings in second half of 2021 are for live events

Brand experience agency Strata Creative Communications has said that 40% of its client bookings in the second half of 2021 are for live in-person events. Sixty percent of bookings are split between hybrid and online events.

The agency said most clients are waiting for updated guidelines from Government before committing to live, which could see some events and activations happen during the spring if permitted.

Expectedly, the agency’s CEO, Simon Hambley, said that online events remain prominent in the first half of the year, yet there is evidence of growing confidence among event bookers.

“Virtual [online] solutions are prominent, particularly in the first half of the year,” Hambley told Conference News. “But we do have clients planning face-to-face events for the summer and later into the year, both consumer-led experiences and more corporate activities such as conferences.”

Hambley added that the agency was being cautious about what they think will actually take place, and that they were working with clients to manage their expectations.

“There is a hunger to get back to face-to-face, but we obviously need to prioritise safety and proceed with caution. We are hoping for the best but planning for reality,” he said.

Stronger position

Hambley said that as clients have become more comfortable with the concept of online events there are grounds for extra resource and investment to cater for them. “With virtual [online] there is less risk of cancellation, so we are in a stronger position to plan for this year in comparison to six months ago,” he said. “This is allowing us to reassess resource and make longer term investment and recruitment plans. 

“Clients that had been holding out for the return to live are realising that virtual [online] has a place and will be dominant for the foreseeable future so this is reflected in the enquiries and bookings.” 

Hambley added that although the industry is still recovering from the effects of Covid-19 in 2020, the agency has “more security” in the digital work coming through, and noted a healthy appetite for the return to live when restrictions lift.