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White event production

Showcasing creativity in helping Severn Trent Bounce Back Stronger from Covid19.

[white] Event Production have an established partnership with Severn Trent. They support in employee engagement events which often involve the design and production of innovative breakout sessions.

As Severn Trent’s annual Leadership Event date was approaching, there was a pressure for the event to be like the water company’s usual face-to-face events as the workforce prepared to get back to normal work life. This was to be a significant and momentous event for the company in the current climate, but also one that would be under very close scrutiny; not just from the Local Authority, but from the public and Severn Trent customers, too.

Given the lack of venues permitted to host events, and with just two months to plan, design and produce, this was set to be a very tall challenge for the [white] team, and they found themselves - an events production company desperate to return to a world of live events - in the unusual position of strongly recommending against staging an event.

After extensive research into imaginative venue solutions, the decision was made to hold the event on Severn Trent property, and as a half-day event to keep the audience numbers down and manageable. Being blessed with a property portfolio such as Seven Trent’s, they had the option of the picturesque reservoir at Carsington Water in Derbyshire. The [white] management team attended an initial site visit to determine space appropriateness for staging an outside socially distanced event that would not heavily disrupt the popular public attraction, which could lead to very negative publicity about Severn Trent. During the site visit, they stumbled across a secluded and previously undetected car park. The [white] team knew it would be tricky, but they could see the potential in this location, and it may just work.


White event production - Drive in cinema


After a lot of extensive planning and logistical development, [white] then worked extremely close with the Severn Trent’s safety and legal teams to create an extensive Visitor Economy risk assessment, which was finally approved by the Local Authority. Severn Trent Leadership Event 2020 was eventually given the green light, adhering to the following specifications:

  • 10 half-day events
  • Audience bubbles of 15
  • Arrival registration check-in system with recorded temperature checks
  • PPE and sanitising stations readily available
  • Arrival drive-in plenary with in-car audio to ensure social distancing
  • Marshalled transfer to event site to park in allocated zones
  • Self-contained zones for each bubble with toilets and catering
  • Large undercover grandstand to pre-allocate socially distanced seating for each bubble
  • Four themed presentations that rotate around the fixed audience location in the style of travelling carnival floats.


As the infrastructures of the events were visible to the public, a public cordon fencing line was installed, informative signage was distributed around the site perimeter, and friendly staff members were available for the public to liaise with.


White event production - Team


Extensive attention to detail was paid to the safety of this event, not just for the audience, but also all event staff and production crew with Covid19 tests being provided before and after the event, alongside daily temperature checks.

The event was very well received by all involved with 98% of the audience stating it was Covid safe.

White Event Production are very proud of this achievement and hope it will help the events industry bounce back stronger.


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