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Hopin launches free plan - an interview with Anthony Kennada

The pandemic has been a turbulent time for many events businesses, however virtual platforms have thrived in this time of great change. One such platform is Hopin, which has grown rapidly over the last 15 months.

Now one of the major players in the digital space, the company has launched a free plan for its events solution. To find out what digital events look like once we return to live, as well as what the free plan means for Hopin’s events offering, we spoke to Anthony Kennada, CMO, Hopin.

Hopin acquires events marketing platform

Event management platform Hopin has acquired Attendify, an events management suite, at its hybrid event Illuminate.

As Hopin continues to expand its events offering, we spoke to Anthony Kennada, chief marketing officer, Hopin, to find out more about the acquisition. Kicking off with the reason for the acquisition.

Hopin launches live show

Event management platform Hopin has launched a series of integrated hybrid events. The first of this series, dubbed Illuminate, will take place 7 July 2021.

The shows aim to bring together thousands of event professionals globally to shape the future of in-person and digital events. The first event in the series will specifically focus on new and emergin technologies, hybrid events and Hopin’s own event production processes.