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The Prepared, Hybrid MICE City of Busan

In 2020, with the unexpected outbreak and spread of the COVID-19 virus, the global MICE industry completely froze. However, even the worst crisis can encourage people to face new challenges and can be used as an opportunity for development and success. Much like other global MICE cities, Busan, Asia’s No. 5 MICE city (2019, UIA), has been experiencing difficulties amid the pandemic.

Busan Builds Firm MICE Infrastructure as an International Convention City

Busan is an international convention city that is receiving attention worldwide. According to an announcement made in 2018 by the Union of International Associations (UIA), Busan ranks 4th in Asia and 12th in the world as an international convention city. Busan is widely recognized as a world-renowned international convention city and has remained listed among the top 15 global international convention cities for the past six years.

7 ways to keep all the life in your virtual events


Although I work for a videoconferencing provider, I eagerly await the day when we’re allowed to meet, shake hands, socialise, and close business again at live industry events. We are social creatures, wired for making and cultivating human connections in life and in business. However, with major industry events like Salesforce’s ‘Dreamforce’ event and even the Notting Hill Carnival going virtual, video platforms are offering a lifeline and also attracting global audiences that wouldn’t normally be able to attend.