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Why sober inclusion matters

Narmeen Kamran, event director at Desert Island Events, tells CN why sober inclusion is vital at events, and how it's part of the wider topic of diversity and inclusion

We can all play a part

Mash Media MD Julian Agostini is putting his money where his mouth is to support REACH, a new scholarship in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, to improve diversity in the events industry

The Diversity In Events Awards

Diversity Ally launches “The Diversity in Events Awards”  taking place in April 2022.

The awards will celebrate, recognise and showcase the organisations and leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to being diversity and inclusion change makers and allies. Companies, organisations, brands and event managers who have pro actively incorporated, championed and demonstrated diverse and inclusive elements in their events are welcome to submit an application. 

New shadow board for EVCOM

EVCOM, a corporate events and film association, hosted its first shadow board meeting which aims to make the sector a place for young and diverse people.

The shadow board is made up of nine 18–25-year-olds, who met with the senior board and staff members of EVCOM to discuss content, events, inclusivity and youth engagement.

The members of the board are: Adam Davies; Celine Amara; Dan Rhodes; Ellie Papas; Gabriela Ferenc; Hamza Pool; Marlijn Hegge; and Vikesh Sitpura.

This is Us!

Meena Chander set up the This is Us conference three years ago, with the ambition of highlighting matters of diversity within the events industry