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From 0-2030: the race is on

Danielle Ward, founder of Reward Events, explores how the events sector can accelerate the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Sustainability: accreditation, partnerships and technology are crucial for a successful green recovery

By Louisa Watson, Director of Marketing, Wyboston Lakes Resort

Sustainability is rising once again on business agendas after being understandably relegated by some organisations for the past year by the sheer need to survive. Yet, at its very core, sustainability is actually about survival. The two are entwined. A green post-pandemic recovery is vital for all businesses in the events and hospitality sector as they navigate the road ahead.

Isla launches sustainability framework

Event sustainability group isla has launches proseed, a framework for delivering sustainable events.

The free framework provides a tool package comprised of information, guidance, resources and actions to allow event teams to practically deliver sustainable events.

International Confex: Sustainability matters

Returning to a live format may be at the forefront of the event industry’s consciousness but returning to an in-person event means the return of long-standing challenges.

With International Confex returning this 1-2 September, we spoke to two of the event’s advisory board about sustainability and the return to face-to-face events. The advisory board members were: Veronica Lake, associate director of events and marketing, The UK-ASEAN Business Council; and Nicola Smith, head of ITV experiences, ITV plc.