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Why hybrid meetings are putting planners in the driver’s seat

The debate over petrol versus hybrid and electric motor vehicles could be likened to today’s savvy meeting planner asking what the perfect meetings model for them is, says EventsAIR.

Buying a car today just isn’t the same as it was even 10 years ago. Car makers are now offering models that are powered by diesel, petrol, electric, or a petrol/electric combination.

Knowing which one is right for you can be a challenge.

And the same could be said of the debate around meetings management right now. Should I go in-person, fully virtual or hybrid?

The impact of the global pandemic significantly changed the way that meetings were managed and held, particularly during lockdowns and forced travel restrictions.

EventsAIR, a pioneer in providing meetings and events software for the past 30 years, developed and launched within 90 days after the first indication the impact covid-19 would have on the industry, an in-built virtual and hybrid solution that allowed planners to run their events virtually, OnAIR.

OnAIR was embraced by companies and organizations around the world and, just under two years later, it has been used in the delivery of over 35,000 events, attended by over three million virtual attendees and enabled over 50 million streaming hours of content.

Recognising that lockdowns and travel restrictions would not last forever and seeing a greater number of Requests For Proposals for a combination of in-person events combined with virtual attendance, EventsAIR launched its hybrid solution suite in November 2021.

EventsAIR defines a hybrid event as one where content, interaction and engagement is shared seamlessly between in-person and virtual attendees.


For a company that has been providing event management solutions to organisations around the world for the past 30 years, the EventsAIR Hybrid Event Solution Suite is the gold standard in technology.

“Using EventsAIR that includes the ability to run your event as an in-person or a virtual meeting, or as a combination of both, ensures that if there are sudden lockdowns anywhere in the world precluding some blocks of delegates from attending, you will still be able to run that event,” explains Trevor Gardiner, CEO, EventsAIR.

“In uncertain times it’s a bit like an insurance policy for the event owner,” Gardiner says.


EventsAIR provides a high level of engagement for in-person and virtual attendees, and a strong ROI for sponsors and exhibitors, with the ability to achieve this cost-effectively.

And, with the reporting capabilities of EventsAIR, it allows planners to track the activity of all participants and share with key event stakeholders.

“Planners have learnt many lessons over the past two years when running virtual meetings,” Gardiner adds.

“One has been that in many instances virtual meetings have resulted in higher than expected attendance numbers. This can be maintained in the future by adopting a hybrid model,” Gardiner concludes.

Get into the driver’s seat and book a free customised EventsAIR Hybrid Event Solution Suite demo to discuss your 2022/2023 event plans and learn how EventsAIR can offer real business value to your next event without breaking the bank.