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Twickenham sees demand for live events bounce back

Twickenham Stadium has been an ever-present fixture in the London venue scene, throughout the pandemic; looking at ways to allow its clients, business and brands to have the meetings they need, regardless of the context.

These have included crucial meetings for medical and NHS staff and businesses, operational units and local authorities. The venue was also one of many across the country which was also redeployed to support the NHS as a vaccination centre. The learnings we have taken from hosting these crucial events have been substantial. They have also been passed on across the business as we now look to 2022 and a return to quality experiential events for brands looking to build back better.

It is our belief that face-to-face communication increases productivity, spurs creativity and adds value to businesses. As companies look to bring staff, customers and stakeholders back together; revitalise, train and incentive them; or just consolidate their direction, strategy and message; there is no better way to do so than live and face to face.

That is why the stadium has continued to innovate its product in line with this new enthusiasm for events, with the aim of always being able to provide customers with the hospitality they need to get their businesses moving again. At the same time, the demand for virtual and hybrid meetings has grown; our facilities have grown with it.

This demand is first and foremost built around the need for event content to reach audiences far beyond the walls of the venue. However, it is also a demand for expertise, experience and stability in the offering and never before has the trust between our clients and our operational teams been more critical to the event. This is an area of the event that has to be right, first time, every time. Luckily, Twickenham is a place that is used to hosting globally viewed events and streaming them around the world; the launch of The Studio in our stadium is a perfect envisioning of this capability and expertise.

This commitment in advocating face to face meetings and supporting our clients has proved successful for the business in a number of – perhaps unpredictable ways. We’ve managed to retain talent and skill sets in the business, meaning we can look after our clients in an increasingly difficult period for hospitality staffing.


This is fine, it’s the job of the venue to support the customer in having the very best event they can. As a venue we’re doubly committed to this as we join the Meet Out to Help Out movement and spur other businesses on to go back to face to face meetings as soon as possible.

twickenham logoThe best way we can do this is by being the host to those events that make a genuine impact.

To find out more information visit or to chat to the team email conferences& or phone on 020 8744 9997.