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MEETYOO Go the innovative DIY toolkit for virtual events

Virtual event platform provider MEETYOO is now putting forward their latest event solution: MEETYOO Go. A self-service toolkit designed to be used by anyone who wishes to connect their audiences through the creation of digital events even without any prior experience. Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface, the new platform allows users to organize virtual events, and create personalized digital event environments within 15 minutes.

With over a decade of experience Creating Outstanding Digital Events, MEETYOO is launching an online event innovation that empowers everyone to take event creation into their own hands. With the help of MEETYOO Go, small to medium event organizers such as marketing agencies, sales & HR departments will now be enabled to become successful in creating immersive event experiences within minutes, using a template-based toolkit.

meetyoo virtual platform

“For our new product development, we thought to ourselves how we could put our signature 3D customized graphics into a tool that was fast and effective. The challenge was to deliver a straightforward solution, with which anyone could create their own digital events in less than one hour. Our MEETYOO Go product was the answer. Now, our customers have the option to deliver their own events while still profiting from our outstanding features and connectivity, in accordance with MEETYOO´s highest standards” said Tony Kula, CEO at MEETYOO.

With its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and a strong presence around the globe, MEETYOO has paved the way for new trends and technology development. MEETYOO Go is the showcase of that. Their click-through solution is completely configurable by the user, with 3D-designed template environments ready to be rearranged and repurposed repeatedly. As well as engagement features, from virtual booths for product presentation, event rooms, to interactive elements such as video chats up to five participants, polls, and Q&As.

“Our focus is on our customers. We have solutions for every type of event need, and MEETYOO Go makes our digital event technology approachable and affordable to anyone interested in this digital event industry. Our other products are managed services and our customers know them to be reliable and optimal to achieve the goals of each event. Nevertheless, we were ready to propose something different, non-existent before in the market, MEETYOO Go is a product we are very proud of.” stated Thomas Butter, CTO at MEETYOO.

The successful creator of immersive digital events, MEETYOO, is extending its invitation to take a closer look at its new solution, MEETYOO Go, and make a free trial. The virtual event company also has other communication and digital event products such as MEETYOO Show and MEETYOO Pro. The latter, a premium fully managed solution for industries that are looking to hold a digital event completely delivered by MEETYOO and taken care of by their team of experts in immersive digital events.