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How to use audience participation to increase the value of your event

How to use audience participation to increase the value of your event

Being an event organiser you've probably heard more than once how important it is to give the audience a chance to be involved and participate. The following article will give you insights on the potential of audience involvement and how it helps in giving the audience a memorable event experience and your sponsors meaningful visibility and qualified leads. 

Votemo has developed a selection of audience-engagement tools for events and conferences that make your attendees feel valued and enable you to increase the impact of your event. With live Q&As, Polling and Word Clouds combined with a visually-stunning interface and video graphic overlays you'll have everything you need to keep your audience focused throughout the day and provide your sponsors with effective brand visibility.

Custom Branded Interactive Mood Metre
@Custom Branded Interactive Mood Metre

It all comes down to breaking down the three challenges—with inter-linked solutions:


1. How to Keep Them Engaged The Entire Event

Getting your attendees engaged is primarily done by simply offering them the opportunity to get involved. No opportunity—no event engagement. Now, these need to be fun ways to get involved that are satisfying to their needs to be valued, and value what they bring to the table. The best ways to get this sort of event engagement in in-person, online, or hybrid events are:

  • Live Q&A—Participation in live Q&A not only captures attention but gets them actively involved and engaged.
  • Live Polling—Polling allows people to share their opinion and see what others' opinion is. You can also use polling for lead generation by asking attendees to leave their contacts in exchange for vouchers or gifts. 
  • Mood-Measuring Emojis—Social media created emoji-based 'likes' that people LOVE to use, and receive them as feedback on the content they share.
  • Word Clouds & Mood Metres—Gamify important discussions to make the topic easier to remember.


2. How to Generate New Revenue Streams

One of the challenges for conference organisers is figuring out revenue streams to cover the costs of innovation, entertainment and celebrity speakers that are needed to attract more attendees and bigger sponsors. With Votemo you can create new ways to solve this:

  • Partnerships & Sponsorships Deals—Use Votemo to develop new interactive solutions and generate meaningful brand visibility for sponsors.
  • Interactive Ad Space—Strategically placed, content aligned and beautifully designed banner Ads are a great way to generate leads and traffic to your sponsor's website.
  • Exclusive Packages—You can offer exclusivity packages by providing VIP sessions in small breakout groups. Allow your sponsor's team of experts to moderate chats and initiate and lead discussions via Q&A and Chat interaction.


3. How to Integrate your Sponsors and Offer Them Real Impact and Data

The great thing about digitally-engaged audiences is that you have hard data about what your engagement rates are. You can then offer your sponsors opportunities to really showcase themselves (via clickable ads, branded emojis, etc.), and allow them to get involved in the event planning so they can see how they get to participate and benefit from the event.

The above is exactly what we here at Votemo do—use our technology to help you create incredible events. With our audience engagement tools, experience and data—we have you covered in all aspects of audience participation.
Let's set up a call to figure out how we can maximise your event's value and create long lasting event experiences. Contact us at or register for a free consultation here.