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Zoom adds new functions to platform

Zoom has announced the availability of its latest innovations, Zoom Apps and Zoom Events, with a focus on hybrid events and remote workplaces being driving factors of the launch.

Zoom Apps aims to embed third party apps into Zoom Meetings and desktop, whereas Zoom Events aims to be an all-in-one platform for creating a wide range of interactive and immersive virtual events to reach and engage audiences.

Eric S. Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom, said: “I’m thrilled to see our platform vision expand through Zoom Apps and Zoom Events, as the world embraces hybrid work, empowering the workforce today and into the future. These innovations will enhance the ways in which we connect and collaborate with our colleagues, clients, friends, family members, and others, improving productivity and collaboration while maintaining elements of fun and well-being.”

Roopam Jain, vice president, information and communications technologies, Frost & Sullivan, said: “Zoom Apps and Zoom Events are critical components in broadening Zoom’s offering and reach. These solutions empower users to accomplish more with video communications and are a testament to Zoom’s focus of enabling customers to create and grow businesses entirely on its platform—whether through applications, integrations, events, or other services.”