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Webinar: Engage and monetize through next-gen virtual events

How to engage and monetize through virtual events is a key area of focus in the next edition of the International Confex webinar series.

Through operating over 15,000 events with high-level speakers from the Heads of States to the NBA, and seeing the successes of how new-age virtual event hosts are able to monetize these events, Xiaoyin Qu, CEO of Run the World, will speak to Martin Fullard, editorial director of Mash Media and discuss how new event-tech helps redefine virtual events and make it truly experiential, engaging, and monetizable.

In this session you will learn how to design an interactive and engaging experience for virtual events of all sizes, the best practices for interactive virtual community events and conferences, how to build communities for individuals, organizations and brands around virtual events and how to monetize effectively through virtual events. You will also gain industry insight about the trends in virtual events.


Date: 11 February, 2021, 4pm

Registration: Free. Register here.

Title: Engage, monetize through next-gen virtual events