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The Venues Collection launch carbon labelling across all menus

The Venues Collection launch carbon labelling across all menus

The Venues Collection has introduced 'carbon labelling' across all its menus.

The new initiative aims to empower event organisers and help them make informed decisions when choosing the food to be served at their events.

Partnering up

The Venues Collection is working with Klimato; a third-party business that tracks global food sourcing and movement to create up to date carbon footprint information about ingredients of a dish.

In the food industry, climate labels are based on calculations of the emissions of greenhouse gases presented as kg carbon dioxide equivalents (kg CO2e). The calculations in turn are based on values assigned to each stage of the production of the food through life cycle assessments (LCAs). 

Commenting on the news, Jo Austin, sales director, The Venues Collection, said: “Organisers have the responsibility of choosing many hundreds of meals for their events, so their choices have a significant impact on sustainability. Sustainability anxiety is very real, so we are helping to overcome this by arming organisers with information; knowing the impact that a meal has on the climate gives organisers more ownership and control over what they are choosing for their delegates and the total impact their event will have on the climate.

"No food is off limit; each of the items on our menus are colour coded with varying shades of green and an easy-to-understand scale so organisers can see at a glance where each item sits on the carbon emissions scale. Just like a healthy diet, where ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food are eaten in moderation, this approach allows organisers and delegates to easily eat carbon consciously when visiting us."