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UK second to Spain on new Pacific World destination demand list

Global destination and event management company Pacific World has named Spain, the UK and France in Europe, and China, Hong Kong and Indonesia in Asia as particularly attractive destinations for international meetings planners. 

The DMC’s newly published 2018 Special Destinations Report, profiles top destinations and explores why they are attracting so much interest.

In many cases, the growing demand for compelling event experiences is bringing to light destinations that in the past were overlooked, the report notes.

“We keep seeing interest for off-the-beaten-track programmes and destinations. While known destinations are still preferred for incentives, unique experiences are now in demand. This can be visiting remote places, engaging with local people in a more dynamic way, enjoying the unexpected, or having the feeling of being the first person to visit a particular place,” said Patricia Silvio, global marketing manager of Pacific World.

In Spain, the report reveals newer generations are especially interested in places with historical heritage where they can discover roots and traditions more actively, whether it is getting involved with the communities or getting to know local craftsmen, entrepreneurs and artists. Lifestyle destinations known to attract the rich and famous such as Ibiza and Marbella/Puerto Banus, have also grown in popularity for incentives and events.

For the UK, the power of movies, television and pop culture has been quite impactful in drawing visitors. Planners are looking for bespoke offerings in and around London with themed experiences such as those  from Downton AbbeyHarry Potter and the recently released Murder on the Orient Express and The Crown, according to the Pacific World survey. The authors say all of that can all be woven into creative programming. Scotland has also proven to be in demand for unique bespoke experiences highlighting the powerful stories of individuals within the local communities (bagpipe makers, whisky distillers, etc). 

Overall, Spain is the top country in demand with over 15% of Pacific World’s RFPs worldwide.

In Europe, the UK, France, Italy and Monaco follow closely behind Spain with 11%, 9%, 8% and 6% of all RFPs received respectively.

In Asia, China tops the list receiving 15% of the requests sent, followed by Hong Kong (13%), Indonesia (12.5%) and Thailand (11.5%).

Read the full report here.

Founded in 1980 in Hong Kong, Pacific World operates in 40 countries. The company forms part of Destination Services, which is a division of Hotelbeds Group, a provider of business-to-business services to the travel industry globally.