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UK planners are organising more and larger events, says Cvent study

UK event planners are organising more events, and with larger attendance than in previous years, according to Cvent’s new 2019 Planner Sourcing Report.

The report surveyed nearly 500 UK event professionals, and asked them how they source venues and what influences their decisions when selecting venues.

Its aim is to provide hospitality professionals with the insight they needed to secure more MICE business.

46% of those surveyed said they organise 50 or more events per year, while 33% said they host events for more than 500 attendees.

Other highlights of the research include:

  • Inadequate responses and underdelivering on expectations were highlighted as key reasons planners did not select a hotel for an event
  • More than a third (35%) of U.K. planners cited the venue not having what it promised as a key reason for not going through with a booking.
  • 41% of U.K. planners consider a venue’s brand reputation before deciding to send an RFP and 37% research reviews.

The top influences impacting a U.K. planner’s decision to ultimately book a certain venue are:

o   Existing relationship with venue: 44% of planners selected this consideration
o   The unique atmosphere of the venue: 37%
o   Ease of staging: 36%
o   Location of venue: 35%
o   Brand/chain affiliation: 35%

Chris McAndrews, vice president of marketing for Cvent Hospitality Cloud, said: “Hospitality professionals should be heartened to see that the MICE industry continues to grow, which means more business opportunities.

“U.K. planners are busier than ever, and there is increasing pressure to deliver impactful experiences that drive revenue. With these higher expectations, event planners are keen to work with the hoteliers and venues that address their needs in a timely, proactive, and concise way.

“The venues and destinations that make improvements to clarity and transparency of proposals and offer a more flexible approach to negotiation are the ones that will reap the benefits.”

To download the full report, click here.