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UK government to host hybrid LGBT conference in 2022

The UK government has announced a new global LGBT conference, called Safe To Be Me, which will take place in 2022.

The event was announced 16 May by the country's minister for women and qualities, Liz Truss, and foreign secretary Dominic Raab.

The event will bring together elected officials, policy makers, and the international LGBT community including activists, experts, and civil society to protect and promote the rights of LGBT people around the world.

It will run from 27-29 June 2022, coninciding with the 50th anniversary of the first official London Pride marches.

The conference will take place in person and virtually.

fMinister for women and equalities, Liz Truss (pictured) said: “I want everyone to be able to live their life free from prejudice, malice, or violence, regardless of their background or who they choose to love.

“People should be judged on the basis of their individual character and talents alone, and we want to ensure that this message is heard around the world.

“This conference will take aim at the prejudices LGBT people still face, and look at the collective action we can take to tackle those injustices alongside our international friends and partners.”

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab said: “The right to live life without fear and persecution are the bedrock of inclusive and open societies and the UK, as a force for good, will protect and promote these values at home and around the world.”

“As co-chair of the Equal Rights Coalition, we are already working with 41 countries to defend the rights of LGBT people. We are urging every country to make sure LGBT people can live free from the discrimination and violence that persists today.”