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UK business travellers poised for return

A survey by SaaS company SAP Concur found that 99% of UK business travellers are willing to travel for business again in the next 12 months and 65% actively want to.

The study, which questioned 500 UK business travellers and 100 UK travel managers, also warned of the dangers that would occur if business travel did not start up again within the next year.

Those surveyed had a variety of concerns if business travel was delayed by more than a year: 33% thought fewer deals would be signed, 32% said they would fall behind competition and 13% thought their company could go out of business.

Darryl McGarvey, director of channel development at SAP Concur, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic put a halt on business travel, but now we are starting to see restrictions lift it is clear that there is a strong appetite for business travellers to get back to business trips. Travellers understand the importance of business travel to the success of their organisation, as well as their own personal success.”

While the industry is clamouring to return to travel, the survey also indicates demands will be made in the name of safety by travellers. The top demands included: choosing direct flights (46%), selecting premium seating (37%), and to booking four- or five-star hotels (36%).

McGarvey said: “Despite this appetite, employees’ expectations of their employer to protect their health and safety while traveling for business remain. After a year of being grounded by events beyond their control, employees are ready to return to business travel, but on their own terms.”