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link hotel

Turnover up 400% at the Link Hotel

Imago Venue’s Link Hotel 94-bedroom hotel has seen a 400% increase in turnover over the last eight years, since Imago took over the venue.

The venue has been awarded Tripadvisor’s Hall Of Fame award; an accolade given to hotels who have achieved a Certificate Of Excellence for the last five years running. It is also increasingly popular for business meetings, whether it be over a coffee, lunch or as part of a larger conference or event. 

  • In 2009 The Link turned over just £400,000
  • In 2017 The Link turned over more than £2,000,000
  • £2m investment has been put into the property over the last eight years
  • Occupancy rates now run at 73.8% compared to a low of 14.5% in 2009

Sam Chaplin, hotel manager at The Link Hotel, comments: “It is easy to attribute our success to the financial investment we have made. However, in truth it is down to the hard work and determination of our team. For the first two years our investment was minimal, yet we still significantly grew the business and improved its reputation.  The aesthetic improvements came later as we responded to client needs and the hotel’s growing popularity. As with the entire Imago Venues portfolio, the team here at The Link put our customers first and ensure we have the best possible staff on hand to meet their needs. That is what has ultimately led to our overwhelming success.” 

In addition to its 94 bedrooms, The Link Hotel also provides conferencing and meeting facilities for up to 200 people, as well as holding a license to host weddings.