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Surveys launch to measure the Covid-19 impact on the events industry

ESP Recruitment, in association with Mash Media, has launched two new national work and employment surveys for the event industry.

The new employer and employee surveys, which are completed anonymously, will offer insight into the current employment climate, existing salaries, employee and employer expectations, statistical benchmarking, sentiment during and post Covid-19 as well as identify growing and emerging trends.

The last employment research study was conducted five years ago with some surprising results, with 85% of employees said they were leaving their place of work because there were no career prospects. Only 50% of staff were receiving annual salary reviews despite the sector enjoying a period of growth, and 70% of staff felt they were not being paid what they were worth.

The surveys will help eventprofs understand how the industry has evolved over the past five years.

Click here for Employee Survey

What will the new surveys reveal?

  • After lockdown, what percentage of employees would rather work at home or in the office?
  • What does the business spend on events each year?
  • What percentage of staff have been furloughed by sector?
  • How many staff have lost their jobs because of the pandemic?
  • Has the gender pay gap closed?
  • How many women hold senior management positions?
  • What was the main reason for leaving your role?
  • Are staff being paid what they are worth?
  • What motivates employees to work?

Click here for Employer Survey

For CEOs, MDs, partners, board members and business owners

  • How do businesses plan to bring back staff?
  • What role in the business did company directors originate from?
  • How are business performing pre and post Covid-19?
  • Who is charging for virtual events and webinars by sector?
  • How have businesses responded to the pandemic?
  • What percentage of the original workforce will be re-employed?
  • Why do employers think their employees left their businesses?
  • When do employers feel the events business will be back on track?

A summary of the findings will be published in Exhibition News and Conference News.