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Sleek launches rebrand

Sleek Events has rebranded as it approaches its fifth year.

Now known simply as Sleek, working with Truth Creative, the agency says the brand’s "look, tone of voice and values have been brought into a new design that aligns with who Sleek has become after five years of growth".

Alongside the new name, the rebrand also includes a launch video and website

The new website shares insight into the progression of the company and how it connects tech and cloud-based companies with the real world through experiences and corporate, exhibition, sponsorship and live events.

Jennifer Davidson, managing director and founder, said: “The course has enabled me to take a step back and analyse our position as a company from all areas: finance, operations, people, marketing and clients. We have grown up very quickly but unfortunately, due to time constraints, our image had not followed suit.”

She added: “This was really the springboard for us starting to make some changes throughout the company. Making the time in a normal climate was easier said than done so when lockdown started we made the conscious decision to focus the time we had strategically resetting our engines.”

Lizzie Burdge, the agency's client relationship director, added: “Sleek is a young, yet ambitious and fast-moving agency. Working predominantly with tech and cloud-based communities, we wanted a brand that aligns with our clients but also has a modern and adaptable style that supports the current and future vision of the agency.”

Burdge continued: “A strong brand will give a company a competitive edge while communicating what they can offer, building trust and establishing credibility, this is what I believe Sleeks’ new brand can provide.”