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Second round of judges named for CN Agency Awards

The second round of judges for the 2020 CN Agency Awards have been confirmed. Edward Poland from and EventLAB, Georgina Hallahan from EY and Sophie Smoker from Korn Ferry will assess the nominations across multiple categories.


edEdward Poland, co-founder, and EventLAB

Poland is the co-founder of, which sources venues across the UK and globally.

He is also a host of the EventLAB podcast, which holds a fortnightly discussion on how brands and businesses can achieve their marketing objectives through events.



hallGeorgina Hallahan, events manager, EY

Hallahan has over ten years’ experience organising a range of events in the professional services, finance and design industries. As an events manager, Hallahan leads complex and large-scale initiatives and is responsible for event and project management, from strategy to execution, including working collaboratively with legal, risk, procurement and brand. Hallahan says through managing a team she is recognised as an “effective coach” and an “excellent established counsellor” by helping her colleagues to develop and progress in their careers.

Her achievements include innovating an established programme to produce a better ROI and winning an industry award for managing a logistical challenge when the tragic terror attack on Westminster Bridge resulted in the cancellation of the event.


smokerSophie Smoker, executive assistant, Korn Ferry

Smoker is a qualified event expert at Korn Ferry, specialising in industry-leading conferences and webinars across the firm’s solution areas.

She has 8 years’ experience within corporate business support and has expertise in marketing, content creation and event management. Smoker also has a focus on attendee experience and audience engagement. Smoker has been an award finalist for The Hire Space: Outstanding Event Contribution Award in 2019.


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