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£200 prize up for grabs for students, ABPCO

ABPCO is incentivising university students to complete research, projects and dissertations relevant to the association and not for profit conference management sector.  Dissertations/projects submitted in accordance with guidelines identified by ABPCO will awarded £100. 

Once the dissertations/projects have been submitted and independently reviewed a further £200 prize will be awarded to one individual for creating a dissertation/project that balances the highest standard of writing and research with relevance to ABPCO and its membership.  The winner will have the opportunity to present their work at the ABPCO Excellence Awards.

Dr Sandro Carnicelli, University of the West of Scotland and ABPCO Executive Board member said: “ABPCO are continually working with universities to identify opportunities for closer partnerships as well as activities that will ensure students fully appreciate the size and impact of the association event sector.  This initiative will deliver significant value for the students, universities and ABPCO as they come together to develop and share knowledge for the benefit of all.  In particular, the students have a chance to showcase their knowledge to the wider industry, whilst ABPCO members can review and make the most of their academic research, insight and conclusions.”

The guidelines for the dissertations/projects include the following:

·       The topics of the dissertation/project should be submitted to and approved by the ABPCO Executive Board by 18th of October 2019. 

·       A maximum of three submissions related to the association and not-for-profit sector, graded over 67% may be submitted by each institution.

·       The submitting institution must be a current University Department Member of ABPCO.

·       Each dissertation/project is judged by an independent panel created by the ABPCO Executive Committee.

·       Judges will review the relevance of the topic to ABPCO as well as the overall quality of the work.

·       Dissertations/projects graded 67% or above will be awarded £100.

·       The best dissertation/project according to the ABPCO Executive committee judging panel will be awarded £200 and given the opportunity to showcase their research at the ABPCO Excellence Awards in 2020 (travel and subsistence expenses will be covered).