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"Over 75% of confirmed business for Q3 and Q4 is live," reveals DRPG

"Over 75% of confirmed business for Q3 and Q4 is live," reveals DRPG

Creative experience agency DRPG has said its Q3 is “shaping up well”, despite the challenges of the pandemic.

“Q3 is shaping up well, maybe a little slower than in previous years, some of this we feel is down to clients waiting for updates on their meeting policies. There is a significant increase in live events for Q3 and Q4 which is promising,” says Matt Franks, director of events, DRPG.

“Over 75% of our confirmed and potential business for Q3 and Q4 is live, in-person experiences,” he reveals.

With this, comes the challenge of venue availability. “This is becoming an increasing problem. We are advising our clients to look ahead and start planning now for live events in Q3 and Q4 as the demand is increasing at pace,” says Franks.

When it comes to events, whether live or virtual, clients are even more sustainably conscious - which matches the agency's own ethos.

"As a business, we are committed to the sustainability goals of our clients and our own business. We have a clear system in place working with industry consultants to challenge everything we do in order to create solutions that balance the 3 P’s.

"We have tools that measure everything from creativity to physical footprint so we are able to gauge the real impact in order to mitigate it," he adds.