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mia appoints new director of agent relations

Justine Meek, business development manager at Warwick Conferences, has been appointed director of agent relations for the Meetings Industry Association (mia).

The role will see Meek strengthen the relationships between venues and agents to ensure optimal engagement at its networking events. This new role has been established to maintain clear channels of communication between professionals from each sector.

She will also be responsible for agent relations, supporting the delivery of initiatives while working towards becoming a board member for the future. Within this, she will be overseeing all agent activity and ensuring communication with and endorsement of the board of directors.

Jane Longhurst, chief executive of the mia, commented: “We are thrilled to have appointed Justine as the Director of Agent Relations to help the mia to further transform the relationship which exists between venues and agents. Her expertise will be essential in ensuring our award-winning agent events continue to evolve and both parties have an in-depth knowledge and mutual understanding of the boundless options available when it comes to hosting business meetings and events.”

Meek said: “As an industry we need to continue to adapt and work with our customers to deliver memorable events. My role will primarily involve engaging with industry peers and supporting the work to build further awareness of the association. In addition to this, I look forward to strengthening the relationships between agents.”