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Mash Media announces the Event Lanyard Awards

(This story was published 1 April 2019)


Following on from the success of the Event Production Awards, CN Agency Awards and EN Awards, Mash Media announces today a new addition to its prestigious awards portfolio: The Event Lanyard Awards.

The ELAs will celebrate an oft-overlooked area of the events industry – the lanyard. While nametags are a cornerstone of any serious networking event, many do not consider the work that goes into the lanyards which hold them up.

The ELAs will give the suppliers and designers of event lanyards the chance for their moment in the spotlight, on an evening of glitz, glamour, and industry networking.

ELAs portfolio director Duncan Siegle commented: “The ELAs are a great opportunity for a frequently neglected corner of our industry to really get out there and enjoy themselves. We want to shine a light on the innovation, creative design and emerging technology which is really making the sector click.”

Lanyards will be judged on a number of categories such as design, durability and sustainability. A provisional list of award categories is below. Please note the list may be subject to change.


The Lanyard Pioneer Award

Most Sustainable Lanyard

Most Innovative Lanyard of the Year

Best Small Lanyard Manufacturer (circumference of 14-27.6cm)

Best Medium Lanyard Manufacturer (circumference of 27.7-34.8cm)

Best Large Lanyard Manufacturer (circumference of 34.8+cm)

Most ‘Millennial’ Lanyard of the Year

The CloserStill Lanyard Award

Best International Lanyard

Most Satisfying Lanyard Dangle

Best Experiential Use of Lanyard


We hope you’ll be there to come ‘hang’ with us, and celebrate the best and brightest lanyards in events.

A further announcement with dates, deadlines and subsequent deadline extensions is incoming.