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Man thrown out following allegations of assault during Conservative party conference

A man has been ejected from the Conservative party conference in Manchester after a senior energy executive says she was ‘aggressively assaulted’ at the bar on Sunday night.

Clementine Cowton, the director of external affairs at Octopus Energy Group, described the alleged attack at a fringe event, saying she had been “violently assaulted in the conference zone by a man” in the bar of the Midland hotel in Manchester.

“It was a bit of a surprise, but I do want to just take the opportunity to say, women are often unsafe in places where other people feel safe, and it’s really important that we start to take that much more seriously as a society, starting with the police,” she was reported as saying by The Times newspaper.

Cowton said the man had sat down next to her and refused to leave. “He was very intoxicated and I felt a bit unsafe around him, so I asked him several times politely to leave,” she said. The situation escalated to the man allegedly smashing a glass out of Cownton’s hand before onlookers intervened.

A Greater Manchester police spokesperson said police responded to an incident at the Midland hotel at about 12.30am after reports of an assault on a 33-year-old woman.

“Officers arrived quickly, there were no reports of any injuries, and no arrests were made. However, a man has been identified and had his accreditation removed for the remainder of the Conservative party conference,” the spokesperson said.

Originally reported in The Guardian