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Lincolnshire renovates EXO Centre

Lincolnshire Showground, a charitable organisation that aims to educate the county about food, farming and sustainable environments, has announced its investment of £800,000 for the renovation of its Exhibition Hall, known as the EXO Centre.

This renovation aims to create a contemporary and inclusive education and events facility. The Exhibition Hall was previously used for education-based events and has hosted 752 in the last 10 years. It has also been visited by 7,000 children, parents and teachers in the last 12 months.

The renovations will include a new entrance, reception area, main hall, multi-functional educational space, satellite kitchen and toilet facilities.

Eco-friendly features will also be included. For example, the installation of interior and exterior LED lighting will have a movement detector and a daylight shut off, thermal glazing, new insulation to increase U-value and Cedar cladding to the exterior of the building.

Local suppliers have been appointed with Evans McDowall Architects, contractor JMH, project management consultant Thornton-Firkin, electrician EJ Parker, Mid Lincs Plumbers and demolition firm Bloom now onsite.

Jayne Southall, CEO at Lincolnshire showground, said: “The Showground and its events continue to thrive and more than ever it is our aim to promote education and health and wellbeing in energy-efficient spaces that are accessible to everyone.

“The EXO Centre will allow our Education team to reach more young people with an increased number of diverse and interactive events, and to facilitate the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society’s charitable work.”

Andy McDowall, director at Evans McDowall Architects, said: “This is a fantastic project to be appointed on and we are really pleased to be working with The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, and its partners, to deliver what will be a vibrant and inclusive public events space.

“The primary focus of the renovation of the EXO Centre is to provide an energy efficient, cost effective, robust space that is aesthetically sympathetic to the surrounding showground, and to create a visual link with the neighbouring Epic Centre building.”