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An interactive guide: The Anatomy of a Successful Conference

Venue finding & event management company The Collection Events has released a new interactive guide to ‘The Anatomy of a Successful Conference’, which can be found by clicking here.

It comes following recent research, which reinforces the importance of balancing the human and digital experiences of conference events. The Collection say conferences need to be offering unique experiences for attendees which enable them to be social, expand their network and take both business and personal value from the event.

As tech such as AI, VR and AR continue to have more of a presence in our everyday lives, conferences have to adapt to ensure they’re providing what their audience demands. 

Event organisers need to be incorporating these and other exciting new trends into their conference format to serve their target audiences needs and ultimately ensure ticket sales. 

Ria Thomas, managing director of The Collection, said: ‘’We need to be aware of the human experience of events, and we wanted to create a resource that highlighted how tech can enable and drive better event experiences. 

“Rather than hindering events and replacing the human touch, introducing tech such as live chat and self-service functions can enhance it; What your attendees feel and take away from an event is critical to their enjoyment and whether they decide to return year on year.''