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Immersive sensory experience Origin is free for event organisers

Crucial FX has launched a new immersive, hi tech, sensory experience named Origin, showcasing its latest AV design and projection mapping at The Ministry members club, near London Bridge.

Crucial is encouraging attendees to visit and explore the space, and is offering the experience for free to event organisers.

Origin seats just six people, and is a curated experience that last for around 10 minutes. In that time attendees will see holographics, augmented projection mapping, pyrotechnics, and a fully 4D sensory experience, that can in two parts educate and inspire audiences looking to understand the full capabilities of experience design.




The room is now open to event professionals, and will be used for brainstorms, client entertainment and as a show room for Crucial FX and its customers; however, its primary use will be to demonstrate the many uses of events relevant technologies to event agencies, experience marketers and corporate event departments.

The production team at Crucial FX have been the creative vision behind film premieres, fashion shows, audio-visual displays at conferences and interactive technologies for brand activations.

“We’re often asked the question, ‘what can you guys do?’, by our customers, and the answer is so vast it’s difficult to bring it to life,” commented Mark Rivkin, managing director, Crucial FX. “With Origin, we’ve created the perfect answer, that not only shows them what we can do now, but we’ll be able to do for events long into the future.”