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IEM hosts workshops to develop professional standards

The Institute of Event Management (IEM) hosted its event ‘Transforming Professional Standards in Event Management’ at ACC Liverpool on 19 August.

The event took place in a hybrid format, welcoming delegates in-person at the Liverpool venue as well as virtually over Zoom.

The event included a workshop programme, that set out the actions required to enable the IEM Board to open for full membership in early 2022.

During the workshops, there was a focus on three key areas: sustainability; equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI); and technology. These topics were encouraged to be part of professional standards.

Dave Bateman, director, IEM, said: “I think the market has changed since the last time we sat together and brainstormed professional standards for the for the events industry. The needs and demands upon us as professionals have changed, expanded and extended in ways that we could never have expected. What does good professionalism look like? That's the purpose of today. We are here to map the future for our industry and it's great that we are all doing this together as stakeholders with a common purpose.”

Susan Spibey, executive board chair, IEM, commented: “The end goal is that we have something to say at COP26 about what events businesses are doing towards sustainable event management and that is what we want to consider today. We want to see it as a common thread, rather than look at it as a separate subject. The environmental, social and economic impact should be considered integral to all event management processes.

“Another key area that we want to look at is EDI. There are many ways in which these subjects are being interpreted in relation to the business of events and often little understood. Today, we hope to create a better understanding by highlighting them in the professional standards.”

Spibey added: “As we know, we wouldn't have survived without technology through the pandemic, and we are having a great example today of how technology is bringing us together. It's crucial for event professionals to understand the benefits of new technologies and take a fresh approach to live virtual and hybrid, and that's of course one of the key topics within the professional standards.”