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ICCA announces Supporting Others campaign

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) UK & Ireland chapter has announced the launch of its Supporting Others campaign.

The initiative aims to be one of "positive ideas and goodwill", that can provide support to its members during the pandemic.

ICCA has called on its members in the UK & Ireland chapter to provide stories and insight into their experience of the Covid-19 pandemic to support the campaign.

The organisation is looking for thoughts in two key areas: positive stories regarding the pandemic, for example successes and gains, goals and targets or plans for the future, and challenges those in the ICCA UK & Ireland chapter feel their fellow members could support them through, whether this be commercial or personal. ICCA has also asked members to share how they feel all members could support each other better.

ICCA is currently looking at several platforms to share positive anecdotes on, in addition to confidential ways to provide help to those who need support.