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ICC Belfast to host sustainability summit

ICC Belfast to host sustainability summit

ICC Belfast is set to host business leaders and officials for the first All-Ireland Sustainability Summit, taking place on 9 June.

The event, organised by Danielle McCormick, Triterra, and Gordon Boyd, G.B. Associates, aims to raise the profile of the wider sustainability agenda and helping companies create positive change within their own organisations.

The All-Ireland Sustainability Summit will host a mix of presentations, panel discussions, case studies and networking opportunities. It strives to take attendees on a journey from the ‘what’, to the ‘how’ within their business.

A green approach

According to Danielle McCormick, owner and lead consultant at Triterra, there has been a huge shift in businesses adopting more sustainable practices. "This has really come in to play across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in more recent months," she says.

She continued: “Research from HSBC has revealed that 78% of UK businesses expect sales to grow over the next year as a result of an increased focus on sustainability, with the main reasons cited including improving operational efficiency (26%), meet regulatory requirements (26%) and to gain a reputational advantage (24%).

"In organising this event we were keen to help businesses transition towards a more sustainable and profitable business model that could also see benefits for the environment, the wider economy and society.”

Julia Corkey, chief executive of ICC Belfast, the venue sponsor, added: “We are seeing more of our association and corporate clients beginning to embrace the green agenda, and keen to introduce sustainability measures into their events and conferences.

“We have also committed to a Green Tourism journey, having achieved our green meetings accolade in January this year. We are proud to partner with Danielle and Gordon to deliver such a valuable, and inspirational event for stakeholders across the region as sustainability continues to be a priority for businesses.”

The summit will be sponsored by International Synergies NI/ICC Belfast and supported by NIE Networks.