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Heathrow releases imagery of planned third runway and consultation dates

Heathrow airport has released CGI imagery of what its planned expansion and third runway could look like.

It has also released the date of its Airport Expansion Consultation, which will collect views and opinions from locals and the general public.

These views, the airport says, will be used to guide the development of the expansion plan in the coming years.

Key issues which the consultation asked for opinions on included a potential ban on scheduled night flights, and how Heathrow will alternate its three runways, to give communities in the area respite from noise.

The airport's planned expansion looks more and more likely after legal challenges against it were dismissed in the High Court, and receiving approval in Parliamentary votes.

The feedback collected from the consultation will be included in the final planning application.



Heathrow has invested in an augmented reality system and a sound booth, in order to demonstrate the effect of noise insulation on local properties to those in attendance. It aims to show how the airport can mitigate the worst effects of noise.

In addition, the airport is launching a national publicity campaign across digital, newspapers, radio, Spotify and billboards, to keep the public informed about the expansion.

Emma Gilthorpe, executive director, Heathrow Expansion, said: “Heathrow is committed to managing and mitigating the impacts from the project and to grow our airport responsibly.”

Rob Gray, director of community and stakeholder relations at Heathrow, said: “We will be showing proposals on how we plan to mitigate the expansion’s impacts, treating communities fairly.

“These include property policies for those whose homes or land could be affected, and other proposals on compensation, noise insulation and more.”