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Head Office positions to be phased out in ICCA organisational shake up

International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) president James Rees (pictured left) informed the association’s members, 31 July, of a management shake up at the Head Office in Amsterdam. The move follows a review of the organisation and its future development.

Rees said the move, which included the decision to phase out some positions, was taken “in order to adapt to the changing demands of our industry and better serve our members, and as a part of a larger strategic objective to protect and strengthen the future of our association”.

Restructuring of the ICCA team, said Rees, would begin with a phasing out of a number of Head Office positions in the months ahead. Staff, he said, had been informed of the decision, which Rees said had been “taken neither lightly nor in haste”.

ICCA has been exploring its organisational effectiveness for a number of years and that process has included engaging an independent consultancy to carry out a strategic organisational review and provide recommendations on how ICCA can maintain and enhance member services whilst ensuring the association’s long-term effectiveness and sustainability.

“The findings of this review highlighted our great strengths of shared values and trust, but also pointed out ICCA’s cautious approach to change and a need for greater efficiency in order to remain relevant,” said Rees.

ICCA’s CEO has been asked to begin the process of implementing change following a further period of planning and evaluation.

“It is important to highlight that the changes to Head Office staff positions are in no way a matter of personal performance,” Rees underlined, “but rather the need to restructure the functions required to carry out the ICCA mission. There will be no impact to our regional offices.”

The president added that it was vital that ICCA continued to evolve in step with what members from all regions were demanding and the call for change had been compounded more recently, he said, with the need for speed of response, adaptability and a nimble approach to change within our industry during this current pandemic.

“ICCA has been here for 57 years and while these changes are very tough to make, I am confident that they will put us in a position of strength for the future,” Rees added, saying the goal was to make ICCA a stronger, more agile and adaptable 21st-century organisation, best positioned to answer the needs and help drive the success of all its members.”