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Leigh Cowlishaw, HBAA’s executive consultant director

HBAA announces partnership with Evcom

Industry associations the Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA) and the Event and Visual Communication Association (Evcom) have announced they are working in collaboration to launch a campaign that will take place throughout March.

The campaign will begin today, 8 March, on International Women’s Day, with a session titled ‘Freedom: Work/Life Balance, Life/Work Balance – regardless’, which will take place on Clubhouse. A further three panel sessions will take place throughout March.

The first will be led by Leigh Jagger, director of The Ideas Clinic and former CEO of event agency Banks Sadler. Jagger will lead a panel discussion called ‘Aspirational Women within the Meetings, Events and Accommodation Industry’ on 9 March, where those in the events sector will share their take on the industry today.

‘Bridging the Support Gap in the Meetings, Events and Accommodation Industry’ will take place on 17 March and will be facilitated by Conference News editor, Martin Fullard. The panel will lead discussions on creating programmes, approaches and communities to support a better industry where equality is the norm.

On 24 March, ‘A Perspective on the Events Industry from the Next Generation’ will be moderated by Amelia Brown, marketing executive of Evcom. This event will see those in the industry give their perspective on the current state and future of meetings and events.

Also, as part of the campaign, Tracy Halliwell MBE, director of tourism, conventions and major events for London & Partners, will share thought leadership pieces throughout the month, alongside others.

Leigh Cowlishaw (pictured), HBAA’s executive consultant director, said: “This campaign aims to celebrate, recognise and acknowledge the contributions within our industry. HBAA has joined forces with Evcom to ensure the industry benefits from our united insight, expertise and our collaboration. The campaign is available to all, regardless of which association you are a member of. This is about coming together, celebrating each other and continuing to drive gender balance.

“The series of activities marks the desire to provide the meetings, events, accommodation and film industries with insights from all different points of view, ensuring that we remain resilient and strive to recover together.”

Claire Fennelow, executive director for Evcom added: “More than ever, this year has taught us the importance of working collaboratively. It has been such a pleasure to work with Cowlishaw and HBAA to create a programme of events and content that caters to the intersection of our audiences and to both our wider audiences. We are really excited to celebrate some of the amazing women working in our industry today, and to hear their perspectives on the future of the industry. Both HBAA and EVCOM look forward to seeing you (digitally) there.”

To register for 'Aspirational Women within the Meetings, Events and Accommodation Industry' on 9 March at 2pm, click here.

To register for 'Bridging the Support Gap in Meetings, Events and Accommodation Industry' on 17 March at 2pm, click here.

To register for 'Perspective on the Events Industry' on 24 March at 2pm, click here.