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Focus on wellness for Event Wellbeing Week

This week the team at participated in Event Wellbeing Week to promote wellness within their company culture, and highlight its importance within the fast-paced events industry.

The #EventWell18 campaign, started by EventWell Ltd; seeks to raise awareness around the importance of empathy, culture and self-care within the often stressful events industry. It also seeks to change our relationship as event professionals with our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

As an industry that is known for putting in a lot of extra hours, clocking up a lot of mileage throughout many different time zones, and juggling the logistics for a number of high profile events; it can have a serious impact on the mental health of the events community.

Each day this week, the venue sourcing company held a lucky dip for an extra day holiday, supplied healthy smoothies and fruit, and introduced new activities like office morning yoga and lunchtime runs to get people to focus on their wellbeing.

The new practices were so successful in boosting energy and motivation that they are now going to be regular fixtures each week. When a team takes better care of themselves, their working relationships, internally and externally, benefit too. also brought in digital entrepreneur and digital detox evangelist, Tanya Goodin who held an eye-opening talk to the team on why it’s so hard to put your smartphones down - but why it is imperative people do so. 

The team are now considering implementing a ‘no phone zone’ in certain meeting rooms and seating areas. The week came to a close with head, neck and shoulder massages from a professional masseuse who came into the office.