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FIRST appoints Jeanelle Beach to chief people officer 

FIRST, a global events agency operating out of New York, Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Singapore and Hong Kong, has announced the appointment of a new chief people officer.

Jeanelle Beach has been promoted to the role, which was created to oversee the people & culture human resource management function within FIRST globally. 

In her first five years a the company, Beach has played an integral role in introducing key people programs, best practices, policies, recruitment strategies and training, and has been vital in the setup and transition of many implanted client teams. 

Maureen Ryan Fable, group CEO & CEO Americas, commented: “Jeanelle has become a key member of the executive leadership team in the Americas, and now will officially serve our global offices in a formal capacity. She truly cares about each individual at FIRST and our agency culture, which benefits our entire network of clients.”

Beach will work closely with regional executive leadership teams and the board of directors to drive FIRST’s human resources department, now operating under the new name, “People & Culture.” 

Fable added: “As a company, we are passionate about what we do; we are committed to delivering excellence and recognize the focus needed to support our biggest asset, our people."