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EventsAIR launches data protection toolkit for meeting planners

Software developer for the meetings industry EventsAIR is releasing Data Protection Toolkit designed to help meeting planners streamline their compliance with GDPR.

The company claims its Patent Pending technology is a first for the meetings industry, saying it is designed to help PCOs manage the many requirements surrounding data privacy and personal information.

EventsAIR is built on cloud architecture and every client has their own dedicated, encrypted database. "Our clients are never exposed to shared databases,” says EventsAIR CEO Trevor Gardiner, who adds that the security layers in the new platform far exceeds the requirements of GDPR.

Gardiner says the new toolkit provides integrated processes to manage policy statements, consent logging, attendee reporting and third-party communications.

A contact locator tool and anonymisation technology assures clients can communicate, log actions, report and protect the data of their attendees in full compliance of GDPR, the company notes.

The EventsAIR GDPR Data Protection Toolkit is available to all users as a new feature in v6.1.

EventsAIR has offices in US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.