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Elevate research highlights post-pandemic confidence in events

Global staffing partner for brand experiences, Elevate, has conducted consumer research across the UK, USA, France and Germany, revealing consumer levels of post-pandemic confidence when it comes to events and experiences, as well as the services that Brits are willing to pay for to feel safer.

The research found that 59% of Brits are willing to pay extra at events to secure additional health and safety measures for their group. This is less than the global average (77%), reflecting a more relaxed attitude to events overall. Brits are the most likely to attend an indoor event no matter the scale, with 29% suggesting numbers have no impact on their desire to attend, versus 23% globally.

For those Brits willing to pay more for extra health and safety measures, separate areas for ‘bubbles’ and table service were jointly ranked top, with 35% willing to pay more for these services, followed by an express line for testing (22%) and private transport to the event (19%). Londoners, Scots and the Northern Irish are more likely to spend on extra services, with 68% of people in these regions happy to pay more.

The research also showed that 79% of 16-24-year-olds are happy to pay more compared to just 47% of over 55s. For these younger age groups, separate seating (48%) was the most popular additional expense. 

Considering the type of events, the research highlighted that a quarter (24%) of men would attend a sporting event, while only 13% of women would do the same. Restaurants were the most popular event across all age groups with just under half (48%) willing to go to a restaurant. Only 10% of respondents in the UK would attend nightclubs.

Carina Filek, global COO of Elevate, commented: “With Generation Z, we must always expect the unexpected, and their relative nervousness around events is something brands aiming at this market must take into account. Overall, it’s heartening for the events and experiences industry to see that across the world, appetite for events is there - especially in the UK. While some countries are more prone to wish for extra health and safety provisions, the majority in every region accept that they may have to pay more for events to go above and beyond for them.

“These results underline what we have already seen in the market: huge appetite from consumers to get back out there, and a fundamental reliance on the staff at the event to make them feel safe and secure. The opportunity for brands is there, as long as they take the right steps to make consumers feel secure attending their events.”