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countdown summit

EICC to host the Countdown Summit

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) has announced it will host the Countdown Summit, powered by TED and Future Stewards, which will take place from the 12-15 October 2021.

Health and safety concerns permitting, the Countdown Summit aims to gather global leaders in Scotland’s capital to unveil scalable solutions to turn the tide on climate change.

TED and Future Stewards launched the Countdown initiative at a live virtual event on 10 October 2020. The event held talks and performances by Pope Francis, Prince William, Christiana Figueres and Al Gore as well as scientists, activists, artists, schools and leaders from business and government.

Countdown aims to encourage millions to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. The event hopes to achieve this through collaboration, convening all stakeholders to build on the existing work and bringing existing solutions to an even broader audience.

Countdown’s blueprint for a better future is informed by five interconnected questions around energy, transport, materials, food and nature.

The EICC has hosted TED conferences on four previous occasions, including the TEDSummit in 2019 and TEDGlobal in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Marshall Dallas, chief executive, the EICC, said: “It is a privilege to welcome back the TED Conferences Team, together with Future Stewards and their partners, to Edinburgh later this year for the Countdown Summit.

"This is such an important initiative for the world, including for Scotland, in a year when COP26 is also being hosted in Glasgow, the world’s attention will be on our country. Countdown is centered around driving global positive change, which matches up with our own vision at the EICC - to create an environment which inspires ideas that change the world.”

Bruno Giussani, the lead curator, the Countdown Summit, added: “We look forward to returning to Scotland and to the EICC for the fifth time, a venue that has always provided a perfect setting for impact-focused discussions.”

Neil Brownlee, head of business events, VisitScotland, commented: “For years Scotland has welcomed the world's greatest thinkers, innovators and leaders. As we transition towards an emergence from this pandemic, there is no greater endorsement of our nation’s credentials than the return of TED and the Countdown Summit to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, just weeks before COP26 in Glasgow.

"In Scotland we believe business events are a catalyst for social and economic transformation; they are a driver to tackle climate change - with Countdown Summit and TED being true leaders in our global journey to change.”