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Edinburgh's tourism strategy consultation deadline extended

The deadline for the public to contribute to the development Edinburgh’s new tourism strategy has been extended until 15 December, the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG) has announced.

Originally slated to close on the 30 of November, ETAG extended the deadline to encourage all those with an interest in the sector to submit their views including residents, businesses, and stakeholders. Details can be found here.

Edinburgh’s tourism sector directly employs over 33,000 of the city’s 513,000 residents

ETAG is facilitating the development process for the Edinburgh 2030 Tourism Strategy on behalf of partners including the City of Edinburgh Council. Once finalised, it will set out the key themes, ambitions and principal recommendations for Edinburgh’s sustainable tourism development for the decade to 2030. 

A public consultation opened online for views in November and supplements two public drop-in events hosted by ETAG in Edinburgh to seek views from residents and stakeholders.

Donald Emslie, ETAG chair designate, said that Edinburgh’s tourism sector directly employs over 33,000 of the city’s 513,000 residents. 

Emslie said: “Tourism also supports a huge and varied supply chain touching many different sectors in the city and beyond including the likes of florists, laundry businesses, locksmiths, plumbers, food and drink businesses all of whom directly benefit from the visitor economy.  For example, visitors spend over £1m per day on food and drink in the city.

“There is no doubt that tourism is everyone’s business. I urge everyone to take advantage of this extension and make their views known via the City of Edinburgh Consultation Hub.”