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DRPG Covid-19 testing booth

DRPG set up in-house Covid-19 testing centre

Global creative communications agency DRPG has implemented new measures to help ensure the safety of its employees and visitors to its studio complex in Worcestershire.

Working closely with BHA medical, professor Richard Lyon and health and safety specialist Alan Law Associates, DRPG have created an in-house Covid-19 testing centre using government-approved Antigen rapid tests, which give results within 15 minutes. 

Alan Law said: “In planning the Test Centre, DRPG partnered with medical suppliers, healthcare experts, health and safety advisors and applied all current UK.Gov guidance on the measures that needed to be put in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission to the lowest possible level.

Dale Parmenter, DRPG CEO, added: “We encourage all those team who can work from home to do so. However, due to the nature of our work we need certain team members to be on site to run and maintain the 11 broadcast studios. We recognised need for our clients to communicate is more important now than ever before so it’s imperative the studios are operational while also being safe. We have found visitors have been extremely cooperative, following the safety measures and now happy to take the Covid test”.

Professor Richard Lyons MBE said: “It is great to see a business actively supporting strategies to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection. Being innovative and staying flexible, whilst striving for the safest possible work and event sites is crucial. Regular Covid-19 testing is one key element of preventing virus spread, and will certainly assist in returning to some normality in future, whilst we continue to observe our current national guidelines.”

The testing centre is housed in the DRPG team restaurant, which has been closed since the beginning of January. Even though the tests are happening, the standard measures of wearing masks, keeping socially distanced, one-way systems and continuous sanitisation of the workspaces will continue.

Parmenter said: “Once face-to-face and hybrid meetings start again the testing process will be offered to clients for their delegates at venues globally. Having our crew fully trained in the safety procedures will allow us to be ahead of the game in ensuring all delegates, presenters and crew feel safe wherever the venue maybe. With the tests and now the vaccine we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel."