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CWT research says 65% of business travellers are nervous about data

65% of business travellers are nervous about compromising their employer’s data safety when travelling, according to new research by Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

The global travel management company conducted the CWT Safety & Security Study through Artemis Strategy Group, collecting data from more than 2,000 business travellers from the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Data showed that travellers from the Americas are significantly more confident (46%) than those in the Asia Pacific (28%) or Europe (27%).

Andrew Jordan, executive vice president & chief technology officer, said: “These results show there is still a lot to do around educating travellers on how to look after their company’s data.

“For instance, connectivity in public areas can put company data at risk. Awareness and training are key to protecting against any possible security breaches.”

When travelling, the situations in which respondents were most concerned about exposing company data were having their laptops or other mobile devices stolen (29%), and using public Wi-Fi (21%).

Most business travellers took action when they became aware of a security or data breach. 37% said they immediately shut down their device, 25% reported it to their company, and 34% notified their company’s IT department.

Jordan added: “These percentages can surely improve dramatically with better training on data safety.”