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Church House Westminster hosts ‘Frexit’ celebration

On 29 March, Church House Westminster was the venue for a celebration of Brexit held by Union Populaire Republicaine, a French political party who support Frances withdrawal from the EU. 

A full house of 650 guests travelled from France in support of Britain’s exit from the EU. The fact that Brexit didn’t actually take place on the planned date did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the energetic, partisan audience, who cheered every speech with chants of “Frexit, Frexit, Frexit!”

Every guest was issued with a selection of flags on arrival, including Union Jacks, the French national flag and of course Brexit and Frexit pennants. 

They also received headphones in order to receive live translations of speeches delivered in English, all of which helped create a loud, colourful atmosphere within the venues largest room, The Assembly Hall.

ffIn keeping with the theme of the evening, a bowl food menu was created including national staples such as bangers and mash, as well as fish and chips.

Speeches continued through to midnight when the evening was concluded with a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen, and an equally rousing version of "La Marseillaise". 

As guests departed the Assembly Hall, they were handed a glass of Brexit-branded Champagne, imported especially to toast the event that never happened. 

Robin Parker, general manager of Church House Westminster, commented: “We look forward to welcoming them back, in fact if they decide to do this every time we hit a Brexit deadline, they could become a very regular repeat client!

“Westminster is certainly an interesting place to be located at the moment, and business could be described as a bit of a roller coaster. If so, this interesting, good natured event was certainly one of the ups, whatever your political views.”