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Cheerful Twentyfirst commits to carbon reporting across all projects

Global brand experience agency Cheerful Twentyfirst will establish carbon reporting as standard practice across all projects from April 2022.

Steve Quah, CEO, Cheerful Twentyfirst, said: “We felt it was crucial to be an early adopter and to establish a formal structure and approach around emissions measurement, especially as environmental targets become an increasingly high priority for our clients."

The reporting standards are accompanied by the agency's membership to isla and its part in the Net Zero Carbon Events pledge that was launched at COP26.

Manuela Cadarso, head of projects UK and the agency’s lead sustainability ambassador, said: “We want to demystify the emissions impact of event and communications campaigns. Our data-first approach has been designed to analyse and assess the environmental impact across each of our key agency solutions, including events, exhibitions, moving image and content.”