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Brexit dividend Canard for French manor in Hampshire?

A manor house venue in Hampshire owned by The French government, Poisson d’Avril, is to claim diplomatic status and therefore able to offer full eurozone services and take advantage of free movement of labour within a future Brexit Britain.

Event organisers will have to make payment in euros to take advantage of the special status, but will be able to buy French products duty-free as part of a special dividend ‘Goody Bag’.

General manager Claude Junko says guests will also legally be allowed to eat Canard foie gras (British farmers are banned from producing foie gras - meaning fatty liver - on cruelty grounds. But restaurants and shops are allowed to import the pate-like substance under EU free-market rules).

Teambuilding activities offered at Poisson d’Avril will include Jeux Sans Frontieres, petanque and a selection of Bavarian beer garden themed games. The current teambuilding company, Yewskip, which includes Morris Dancers, folk-singing and maypole dancing classes, has not been invited to re-tender.

Hampshire-based booking agency Big Yellow Glasses’ incentives director, Kevin Farager, said he thought the French themed venture was a risky one given the fluid situation around Brexit. “However, I can foresee some AI, CSR and ROI opportunities and recommend the venue signs up to join new industry association E.I.E.I.O to keep European standards high.”