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Blitz and Glisser launch new tech partnership

Blitz, a subsidiary of GES Exposition Services, has announced today that it is forming a partnership with audience engagement and event analytics platform Glisser.

Blitz is the technical event production arm of GES, and they will be collaborating with Glisser to deliver world-class audience participation and engagement solutions.

Glisser’s platform includes live slide sharing, integrated live polling, audience Q&A, and social media walls. Blitz’ in-house team will make use of these new tools when planning events.

Mike Piddock, Glisser’s founder and CEO, commented: “We’ve worked with the Blitz team at numerous events since we launched three years ago, and have always been impressed with both their professionalism and appreciation of the role of technology.

“It’s great to be able to cement those working relationships into something bigger and more strategic.”

Graham Pope, group commercial director, Blitz, added: “Our technical production experts are true ‘event tech’ pioneers and we are delighted to add Glisser’s impressive capabilities to our customer offer.

“Driving audience engagement is central to the ambitions of our clients and we are excited to work with a partner that will help us bring even more dynamism to the live event experience.”