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Association Event Network launches!

Association Event Manager, the quarterly association supplement that goes out with Conference News, has a new look.

This month, you’ll find with your regularly scheduled CN the redesigned Association Event Network – with a brighter, bolder style. The magazine has been redesigned to align with our new website of the same name: Association Event Network.

Association Event Network will be a hub of news, views, insight and analysis for the association sector. It will soon be updated to feature a discussion forum, where you can all share your collective wisdom – or just have a bit of a moan.

The first issue of the new magazine features a cover story about why associations lack input from young people – and how it could be their downfall. We also speak to former ICCA president Martin Sirk about his new role at Global Association Hubs.

Be sure to check in to the website at the link below – features and blogs from the magazine will be trickling their way onto the site in the coming weeks, alongside original content.

The magazine is being put together by CN’s Stuart Wood – if you have any association-related stories, thoughts, events, or anything in between which you would like to share, please email him at

And – make sure to follow us on Twitter at: @aenetwork_uk