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An AR murder mystery with Wildgoose Events

Wildgoose events recently staged the first edition of Manor House Murder, its new teambuilding event.

Care UK were the first team to take on the murder mystery challenge, which makes use of alternate reality (AR) projections to challenge teamwork and problem-solving.

Delegates were split into teams of five, then set about gathering evidence and identifying suspects. They used interactive maps on tablets to explore a floor plan of the manor, while making note of anything they deemed important.

Multimedia challenges required teams to hold press conferences and creae reconstruction videos along the way, detailing their investigative findings. After 90minutes, tey had to submit their predictions of who the killers was.

Victoria Campbell, HR Operations Manager at Care UK said of the activity: “On the day of the session, Wildgoose were very timely and professional. It was really important that the session ran on time and that everyone found it really enjoyable and interactive.

“Our department is predominantly made up of millennials who can be a tough crowd to keep focused and entertained, but everyone really got involved.”